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Neriman <33



16-Stoman Douglas High. I’m the Type of girl that is just like "I don’t give a fuck..u like me or u don’t." I’m outgoing, i speak my mind, I’m a bitch when I want to be, I hate back stabbers, liars, hypocrites, i stick up for my friends, I’m nice and I’m pretty and I’m funny. singing, dancing, fast-food, chocolate, rice with hot sauce, boys. Teddy bears, beach, talking on the phone 24 7, and i juss like to be me and have fun. No matter what I’m doing I’m always smiling. I don’t take ne thing for granted because u never know what’s going to happen tomorrow, I love to laugh, I’m a great person to talk to, i love to shop till i drop, I’m a tease, I’m a great friend. only if ur a great friend back, I don’t let people step all over me and treat me like shit. I’m aggressive, i love to gossip..ha who doesn’t!! i like reading ,Tanning, Vanilla Coke, jolly ranchers, i want to be a movie star

Beating Heart Baby

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My favorite Song at the Moment

Seems like just yesterday You were a part of me I used to stand so tall I used to be so strong Your arms around me tight Everything, it felt so right Unbreakable, like nothin' could go wrong Now I can't breathe No, I can't sleep I'm barely hanging on
Here I am, once again I'm torn into pieces Can't deny it, can't pretend Just thought you were the one Broken up, deep inside But you won't get to see the tears I cry Behind these hazel eyes
I told you everything Opened up and let you in You made me feel alright For once in my life Now all that's left of me Is what I pretend to be So together, but so broken up inside 'Cause I can't breathe No, I can't sleep I'm barely hangin' on
Here I am, once again

I'm torn into pieces Can't deny it, can't pretend Just thought you were the one Broken up, deep inside But you won't get to see the tears I cry Behind these hazel eyes
Swallow me then spit me out For hating you, I blame myself Seeing you it kills me now No, I don't cry on the outside Anymore...
Here I am, once again I'm torn into pieces Can't deny it, can't pretend Just thought you were the one Broken up, deep inside But you won't get to see the tears I cry Behind these hazel eyes
Here I am, once again I'm torn into pieces Can't deny it, can't pretend Just thought you were the one Broken up, deep inside But you won't get to see the tears I cry Behind these hazel eyes

My names Neri and if you don’t like me then GET THE FUCK OUT! This is my LJ and I write what I want.
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Whaaaa Supppp.... [22 Aug 2005|12:09pm]
[ mood | rushed ]

Omg....I totaly forgot about my LJ! No joke lol. I have been so busy latley i rele dont have time to go on the comp ne more. Well today i didnt go to school becuz i have an eye app at 12:30. I juss came home like an hour ago frum my cousins house. I slept over friday night n Saturday night and Sunday night. It was her b day! Lol!!! hahaha shes soo funny. i Love her<3 Um ne ways...I have a cough..and im like coughing every 2.2 seconds. UHHH Its soo freaking annoying! Well lass night i got into a big fight with this kid i am kinda talking to. Like no we are talking and we like each other. But were not going out. I mean i would love to go out with him, but i dont want a boy friend and i kno if we start going out it wont work out. It wont work out becuz i have like 154534 reasons why it wont work out. But yea we got into a fight lass night...and i lied to him about what i was doing last night. Like to me its not a big deal....and like i wanted to tell him what i was going to do but i didnt want him to be mad at me and me and him start fighting again..but it dosnt matter now becuz i dont even think we are going to still talk to each other. Last night i told him i was going to bed but i rele went out lass night with my cousin. I mean im not a lier but he shouldnt get mad..he has no right to tell me what to do and who to talk to..HE IS NOT MY BOY FRIEND..and i right or wrong? PLEASE TELL ME?? Well i kno im right..He told me not to talk to boys and i do it..i rele dont tlk to boys becuz of him. The reason i do that is becuz i dont want him to talk to girls. Ya i trust him...but the thing is he dosnt trust me..AND i hate that..well now he has a reason not to trust me..but befo last night he had no reason...i DOnt kno what im going to do..ya i like him..but we fight all the time and its sooo annoying!!!!!! I dunno i juss need time like..i wanna c what happends if i dont tlk to him for a week..i wanna c if i miss him..and i wanna c if i like not talking to him becuz im sick of the bull shit and fighting! I dont need this in my life right now. But yeaaa im so madd becuz my schedual got changed and i got switched out of a spanish class that i rele liked! The best teacher ever and like the best kids in that class. Whatever life goes on....Not every thing is fair :) Omg last was rele good..MIRAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH<3333 Ne ways i have rele nothing else to say right now..i juss got out of the shower and i need to brush my hair. Ummmm later today im going to like update with my communitys i havnt been to any in 1545643252 years. WOW thats a long ass time!{hehehe} Well people i will talk to u guys later<333 X0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x

Mwa always and forever NERI


WOWWWW!!!! [03 Aug 2005|06:06pm]
[ mood | sick ]

Wow...Are you kidding mee...MEE updating my livejournal hahaha. Omg guys summer 05 went by soooo FREAKING FAST and i dont want to go to school. FUCKIN school starts FUCKIN monday. You have no idea how freakin fast it went. I came bac frum a cruise on Sunday lol i juss have to sayy....WOW for that too. Juss like the girls sayd..whatever happends on the cruise stays on the cruise..ha thats whats sup. Right now im home SICK! Uhh i rele rele dont feel good. My throut is killing me up the ass..and im FReezzingg. For sum weird reason my icons got deleted..except for two....well whatever i need to get new ones ne ways. Well awww i missed tlkin to you guys. I fuckin hate my school so much. My scheduale is soo messed up and like its not fare for me. Oh befo i went on the cruise ma mom found ma bowl that reeked of weed. HA that was funny..what else is new with me..EVERYTHING IS I THINK..i think i changed soo freakin much that its SCARRY!! LIKE O M G??? hahahaha im listening to SNOPPPYYY ma home dog..OMG AND i reunited with allie..sshe was my best friend bac in the day..i have been sleeping over her house with kris and illysa..well kris didnt sleep their lass night. BUt i did..and VINNY omg omg HOTTIE!! You guys have no idea how hot this kid is trust me..he looks like a under wear model. HEHEHEHEHE!!! well im on the labtop nd my neck and fingers are hurting soo i proise i will tell u more..kk love u guysss...<3333

Oh keriman is not MY best fRIEND Ne moreeee!!!!! HA ha?

peace outttt

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uhhhhhhhh [10 Jul 2005|03:28am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Ya theirs a baby hurricane out side..uhh its like spinning and it wont shut the fuck up. THATS why im awake. well juss leting u guys kno that poor me cant sleep

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TGIF!! [08 Jul 2005|12:01pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Hey hey hey..ya i juss woke up to the phone ringing 1564156 times. Im soo tired lass night i didnt go to bed till 4. Yesss people im still at my cousins house, but today my dads going to pick me up after work because im going to his house. Kristina wants me to go to piss with her but kriss..i rele rele dont want to go. I dont like that place lol!!! So im not going ne more. I dont want to go to my dads but the reason is..is because he is bugging me for his stupid ass charger for the camra..i should of never let my cousin(miray) take it with her. GRRRRRRR ne ways uh today loooks soo nice out..but soo freaking hot!! I hate it when its like so so so hot out like i cnt even breath..thats what i hate about florida weather, ya kno? My cuzins dad juss got a new car lass night..its hers in like 2 years.its a mustang babyyy!! Its cute its black. My dream car is a syon in pink. YOU REALLY DONT KNO HOW BAD I WANT THAT CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

what kind of car do u want..or have and what color??

xoxo always neri xoxoxox


holler</3 [07 Jul 2005|03:24am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Heyyy hommie! How ya been. Well its 3:25 am..and im not tired. Well i am but i dont wanna go to bed! So yaa my two best friends finally met. Like i kno kristina new every thing about miray becus i tlk about miray every sec to kristina. But ya kristina slept over lass night. Today we juss chylled watched movies, she left because she didnt feel good and she was sick. So im styll at Mirays hizzzouuusee! Im going home tomm though. Uh i have so much shit going through ma mind rit now...and like i wanna tell you guys but i cant. Ya i kno whats a point of a journal if im not going to say the juicy stuff. But this time im going to keep this shit to ma self. Yes yes its soo hard because i juss wanna like share my feelings but nvm :) LOL!! But umm rit now im working on ma icons i dont like them that much i wanna make all new ones n make them hotter!! Omg have u heard that freaking gay ass song my R KELLY. Im watching the gay ass video right now. Its soo dumb. Well ima go and watch it and try to go to bed. So i hope every one is having a GREAT summer..and juss hope every one is doing fine and i miss every one!<3333 weell tlk to u guys later

xox neriman xox


Another day.. [03 Jul 2005|07:53pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Hey guys...All day i was thinking should i update my journal..or no? Uh i was to lazy too..but i am now! Tomm is July 4th..gosh every one is like OMG OMG YAYAYA july 4th..i just see it as another day..like its not speacial for me to like go and get drunk and party..because i can do that now u kno what i mean. Well today i did nothing at all i stayed home. It wasnt that nice out to go to the pool. Im supposed to be at my dads house right now but im going to go tomm! So tonight im not going to do ne thing. Im supposed to be going to my friends house shes having a party..but uh i really dont want to go. Yes kristina cums home tonight..i have been counting the days but what sucks is im not going to hang out with her this week! Sorry kristina<3<3 Well ill tlk o u guys later mwa xoxox

Kerim so fine..fine enough to blow ur mind
Is a basterd
Mr sweet guy

Was it like that K? HAHA lol IM SO GAY but ur even more GAYER..Juss thought that was funny. Thats how bored i was today!

Love yaz xoxox


HolLerr!! [01 Jul 2005|07:10pm]
[ mood | good ]

Heeeeeyyyyy Guys...WOW i havnt tlked to u guys in foreverrr!! Uhhh i hvant been on the comp either..i have been with my cuzin and her family this whole week. I was with them on sunday and got home today. Yuh i kno thats some crazy ass shit..well not really i love her and them and they treat me so good i love all of them! Um ne ways..i had a lot of fun at her house..and a lot of fighting lol..well not a lot we were only fought for a day..but it was great we needed that fight..You kno like when u and ur best friend fight and then after u guys juss tlk about every thing..and u juss express ur self and it was great..we tlked about everything and every body. But like dont u hate when you fight with ur best friend..its like when ur done fighting ur like omg..are we going to become friends again? Because i kno i hate loosing best friends..its like the worst and i should kno i loose one all the time. It just hurts so bad when i fight with my best friend..u have no idea me and her were vrying for 3 hours and it meant a lot to me and her. LETS DO IT AGAIN MIRAY LOL HAHAHA! Oh i rele dont think im going to nj...like i am going around christmis but im not going to like the summer...because me and ma cuzin found out sum great news!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH well none of u guys really kno ma cuzin and if YOU do and u kno what she has then thats great for YOU! Well she is sick and dosnt get to do the things that me and YOU get to do..like going to the movies...we have to bring a wheel chair because she gets tired..and like i dont mind because WHO CARES? i dont care but ne ways and same for the mall..and stuff and she juss gets tired easily..well he doctor said when she cums back frum disney thats on wed..this is one of the reasons why we r not going to nj..wel when she cums back the doc is going to do sum blood testing and stuff and put like NEW blood in her and if it works..and she gets to be LIKE ME AND YOU..and go back to school. Uh u dont kno how happy i was. Well ya im really happy and im proud of her! Well kristina marie cums back home to me on sunday...YAYAYAYA im soo excited i get to c her! Uh i missed you girl friend. So tinight im doing jnothing im staying home. And of course its freaking raining outside..every time i cum to coral springs its always rainging outside..this whole week me and ma cuzin and the family we went to the pool..yesterday we went to the beach! Uh it was so hot and nice out side i loved it! I got soo tan babbbbbYYyyyy!! Well im going to catch up on my computer shit.like go on ma fav website every OHNOTHEYDIDNT haha lol im such a loser! And do other things..and try to make new icons and i wanna try to make ma own layout..MIRAY..do u think i could do it..? HA NO lol well cath u guys lata<33 mwa xoxox neri xoxox


Juss one of them days.. [24 Jun 2005|09:31pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Hey guys right now im at my daddys house...Im sleeping over. I dont know how many days. Prob like 4 days? He lives on the beach so thats a pluse. Uh i really want to go to Nj..i really dont kno what to do. Like i know my mom will let me because she got over the smoking thing. Its just my dad. WHATEVER my step mom says he does. She dosnt want him to buy me a ticket. I really hate her you kno that. Im not kidding shes an evil bitch step MOM. Why am i saying mom she is an IT! Uhhhh i guess im going to like cry to my rich uncles..i dont kno wich ones yet...ill try all of them lol haahaha ohh and my cuzins too. But like i dont really talk to any of them soo why should they buy me a ticket you know..so i know then wont do it..uhhhh why am i such a user....lol hahah! But no foreall i rele rele rele want to go! GOSHHHh life blows! SO tomm..if the weather is nice..UHHHHH PLEASE LET IT BE..lets pray..umm im going to the beach. :0) Uh my dads computer screen is like so freaking small i cant c shit. Well whatever ne ways im going to go because my eyes and hands are hurting me..and i just wanna say good night people..ohhh and i just wanna say im a changed person haha lol i cant believe im saying this..But ya its true im a changed GURLI GURL....like im nicer..and im not like a bitch ne more to other gurls and BOYS!!! haha kristina<333333 And im going to be friends with everyone this school yr because life is to short for drama and fighting..and in school im not going to be a little bitch im going to say hi to evryone and help me out..and im not going to think of my self all the time YOU KNO?? Well i dont think u guys kno what im tlking about and i dont think u guys understand..but i kno what im tlking about and i sure do understand..well sweetdreams..as mahmut would say hehe I LOVE YOU MAHMUT! mwa xoxox well peace out tlk to U JOURNAL tomm<333



HEY HEY HEY [24 Jun 2005|11:52am]
[ mood | chipper ]

Hey guys my cuzin and this other girl i dont know her name..but they started a community for icons..Uh my cousin makes amazing icons she made all myn..Juss join the community if you want some or if you just want to look at them her name is MIRAY! http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=radianticons

always neri<3333 If you like my icons tell me what u want and ill ask her to make you some and ill send them to you. Im going to get new icons though lol im sick of myn! Well tlk to u guys later bye bye<333


I aint no holler back gurlll.. [23 Jun 2005|01:59pm]
[ mood | amused ]

hey yall...I changed ma LJ...i was geting bored of it..I love miray can THANKS TO HER ITS SOOO CUTEE!!! ya soo i juss got out of the shower..uh i feel so clean now! Um when i write u cant cee what mood i am and what song im listening to..so YOU HAVE TO LEAVE A COMMENT LOL!!!!! KK..u can still leave comments if you dont have a Live Journal silly! You got to click Anonymous. So sumthing funny happend today..My best friend kristina calls me up..and is like omg omg neri guess what..and i was like worried lol i thought it was like BAD..ya kno and then she was like i got a call today a 1800 numbr saying i won a free trip. Im like AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH yess and she wanted me to cum with her lol and so her dad calls the people and they say no it was juss like one of those people calling. Or sumthing LOL Like in roder to get that trip u have to buy sumthing were like FUCK THAT! hahahahah but that was funny..juss had to tell YOU PEOPLE. Um i put pictures of lindsy but for sum reason it did like show up. When i go to ma cuzins house ill do it!! iight well ima get dress because im in ma towel. And ill tlk to u guys later...Today like went by soo fast its all ready 2:07! ALL RIGHT mwa xoxoxo ALWAYS xoxoxoxo



CRAAAAAAAAAAAPPPP!! [22 Jun 2005|08:30pm]
[ mood | moody ]

yuhhh so today was another or my boring days lol ha! The best shows were on tv today. It was great i was watching tv all day! Oh and eating all day too haha LOL! Um right now like i dont kno whats going on ma head is hurting soo BAD! I was standing infront of the microwave waiting for my food to be done and then all of a sudden like my eyes go behind my head and like my head is banging!! Uh i was hurting really bad but im kinda ok right now! GOshhhh im always doing sumthing STUPIDD!! So ya me and my are all right like we were never fighting. BUT ma moms a kool mom she like gets over it YOU kno. But ya i think i have a feeling i will be in that plane on the 9th of JULY with my couzin miray, going to NJ BABYYY!! LOl im not going to let u down MIRAY I PROMISE<333 So yaa..not im listening to NICK CANNON-Can I live..i like this song! In a lil ima go in the pool..i love going into the pool after it has been rainging and like late at night because its soo warm and nice..and i have the pool to my self! :) So what tomm is THURSDAY..? RIGHT gosh this week went by soo SLOW. But good i like it. I cant wait till school starts..and i have a feeling that their are going to be like a couple of hot new guys!! HAHAHA dont worry kris were going to meet sum one..I PROMISE YOU HUNNIE!! But lets juss hope that we dont find jackasses like we always do! uHhHHhHh boys boys all typ of BOYS! They get on my nerves..But i styll love them :)(sumtimes)Well I was on the web site OHNOTHEYDIDNT..and im looking at these pics of LINDSAY! UHHHH i cant stand that gurl..like i use to like she and i thought she was sooo CUTE..UNTILL she freaking dies her hair BLONDE...? AND not only that shes a TWIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ILL put a pic of her after im done tlking! But shes nasty now...and LOL i also saw this pic of her and her EYE BROWS really got to go..she needs to color them LIGHTER so it can match her NEW HAIR STYLE! LOL uhh i dont kno what she did to herself..but i feel dry for her shes ugly..and i cant stand her and i want her to like GO AWAY!!! :0) GEEEEE im such a nice person yes yes i knooo STOP TELLING ME kk! LOL uhhh i love my self..well PEACE OUT NUCKKAAASSS tlk to u lovely people later mwa xoxoxoxox


Goshhh.. [21 Jun 2005|08:14pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

Why why why....why does my life have to be soo unfair! I rele do hate life sumtimes i wonder..well i always wonder what it would feel like if i lived with another family. Right now i cant take it ne more. I cant stand my sister. We are always fighting and then who's side does my mom take..lets see..UMM my sisters..ohhh and when i fight with my brother..WHOS SIDE DOES MY MOM take..um lets think about that one......MY BROTHERS! My mom always wonders why im never home..and why i dont spend time with her, it because i really cant take it any more. Ok well i was going to nj..but not ne more..You kno why because my stupid nabor told my mom i was smoking outside..Ok mom wow a cig...BIG DEAL its not the freaking end of the world. Uhhhhhh so im here home doing nothing..juss crying because i wanna leave. My mom today was trying to tlk to me but i hate tlking to her..i like cant let my feelings out to her shes like a wall. So im like leave me alone! So i juss stayed in my room and was like crying for ever. LOL im such a cry baby. K i stoped writing because i went down stairs to get sum chips. Right now im eating Salt and Vinegar.(Mirays fav chips) hehe uhh life for me is soo depressing and i hate it. DAAAMMMNNN im young i need to like have fun and forget about SHIT! But for me i cant let nothing go bye. I hold it in and ya i kno its bad. I was only kidding i dont hate my family and my sister..i was juss really mad. But whatever tomm is another day so lets c how it goes with me and my mom and ill update when we tlk..well bye bye talk to u guys later.


[ mood | pissed off ]



LALALALALALALALA!!! [17 Jun 2005|06:35pm]
[ mood | ditzy ]

UHH im geting soo bored of ma journal its soo UGLY..I wanna change the layout and stuff and make it better! Dont worry i will LOL. Ne ways so me and ma cuzin miray were out all day it was funn!!! We went to the pool..lol their was no sun at all i was swimming and we were all waiting for it to rain so it did and then we left the pool!! Now im here with ma cuzin and shes watching the NOTEBOOK for the 105254456 TIME! uhh i mean i LOVE that movie soo much but i cant watch it 105254456 times, dammmmmnnnn! SO ya we are going to NJ on the 9th of july im happy but not like OMG OMG! Because like i dont kno her family and friends..but whatever i think i will have fun, well i hope? UH sooo its fathers day on sunday...and i dont wanna go to my dads..ya ill go to get money...LOL hahahaha but whatever, I have baby sitting tomm night..and she asked me if i can do a couple of hours on sum days during the week...so ya ill do it for her! OMg i have to tell YOu somethjing..lass night was the best night of my freaking life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH omg juss thinking about it makes me want to fuck him even more! LOl kristina u kno what im tlking about..sooo YA kristina calls me lass night saying omg omg and im like WHAT? SO she tells me and im LIKE HOLY FUCK!! so me and ma cuzin does what she says and when we look at those pics were like OMG!!!!!!!!!!! fucking hottie.... LOL kristina thanksss i love u even more!! god that made ma night..i was always thinking about what it looked like haha lol im such a perv right? YA so kristina cums down the 3rd and we want to go to a kelly clarkstin concert..and i really wanna go with her but ima be in nj..SO IS IT CONCERT..OR NJ??? CONCET OR NJ?? HAH lol thats what i was saying in the car. Um ya so i was tlking to kriss yesterday and im like we better get the same lunches..uh i hope we do and if we dont ill like die! I swear I dont kno what i would do??? HAHAHA kristina i dont kno what YOU would do? OHHH more news so yesterday i found out that one of my friends broke up with her BOY FRIEND i was like wtf?? GOSH LIKE I MISS EVERY THING SINCE IM NEVER IN CORAL SPRINGS..I was soo sadddd I LOVVE U ILLYSA<33 I kno u guys are going to go back togetherr i juss have one of those feelings. YUMMMM im drinking the best smoothie ever way better then FUCKIN JAMBA JUICE..its home made mango smoothie. WEll im going to get a taco soo ill tlk to u lovely people later...hey kerim are u readig this??? LOL hahahaha PEACE OUT HOMES!! :)


Hollerrr!! [15 Jun 2005|01:56pm]
[ mood | busy ]

holllerrr!!!! ya juss wanted to say heyyyy..im trying to update this journal every day! :) lol umm juss got out of the shower uhh it was soo nice out today i got a nice tan! But ne ways i got alot of things to do today sooo tlk to you guys Later<3333


HUH!!! [14 Jun 2005|10:34pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

Hey juss came home frum eating...and i have so much on ma mind right now! LIke i have soo much to freaking say but im not going to say it because its mean..and its juss not right! But wait i think it is right because she says soo much shit about me and i fucking take it from her but whatever thats juss me! Juss one thing i have to say..i rele didnt have to go to a dinner, i juss wanted to get the hell away frum YOU! but whatever yaa so today i went to the pool and it was soooooo sooooo  NICE OUT SIDE lol! yess kristina no RAIN!! hehehe it was so hot out i couldnt be in the sun  that long..and the pool was soo nice!!! Well tomm lets hope thats it was like today so i can go to my pool!! i have to find the key? LOl well ill tlk to you guys later because im going to get a drink and ma fingers are hurting! iight boys and girls i love YOU well..SUM OF YOUZZZZZZ mwaxoxoxox-neri-xoxoxox mwa good night<3333



IF YOU C FUCKING JORDON! Tell me OK???? [13 Jun 2005|05:30pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

sooooooo its monday..yes yes long ass day and i have my period and im not in a good mood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like YOU have no idea! uhhhhhh ok all day me and ma cuzin have been in the car it was the worst and im soo tired! i wanna go to bed like right now grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Ummmmm ne ways so me and Miray were watching the news and i guess jackson is not guilty hehehe i new it..like i said it frum the start that he is not going to go to jail..HA im soo SMART! Ha and ma cuzin and ma mom were like HE IS GOING TO JAIL!!!! but whatever like it dont bother me if he goes or not LIKE I DONT CARE!! i dont rele like him or his songs...soo yeaa whatever well im going to stop writing now because im going to go in ma ROOOMMMM!!! peace out hommies ill tlk to u guys lATA! peace out<33 x0x0x0x0x0x ALWAYS NERIMAN CAN x0x0x0x0x


Did i ever mention that i HATE MORNINGS!!! [11 Jun 2005|11:27am]
[ mood | blank ]

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i dont kno what to say but AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! lol hahaha um ne ways ya tonight ihave baby sitting cnt wait lol?? But today i dont kno what im going to do with ma self..i kno i have to clean ma room and i have to try to fix ma printer cause i have to print shit out..Uh im soo mad this morning ma mom cums into ma room and asks to use the phone im LIKE MOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!! because she needed ma phone to call her cell phone because she couldnt find hers! uhhhh i was soo madd. Omg lass night i didnt go to bed till 3..i was soo freaking tired lass night and i juss couldnt go to bed i was juss thinking about like EVERYTHING and i kept like turning in ma bed and stuff, buttt yuhhhh its ugly out side AGAIN! that was a no brainer. Like yesterday it was soo funny..like people ask me who i chill with and stuff and who im friends with because i dont hang out with people in coral springs ne more..WHY? Because its to much drama and people tlk shit..Like if i go outside, people the next day is going to assume that i gave sum one head or sumthing and i think its juss soooo STUPID soo ya im still best friends with kristina..and ma cuzin and illysa..thats all i want..because i hate people here they juss get jelouse over stupid shyt and people have no lifes and likes to tlk shit soo fuck that u kno. I dont need people like that in ma life. Im happy right now like lass yr i use to be like BEST FRIENDS with every one lol haha and it was the worst, so much fighting so much shit and now i dont have no drama no fighting its G. R. E. A. T.! well im going to stop writing right now because im like falling asleep lol im soo TIRED GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! well bye bye xoxox mwa xoxox


[10 Jun 2005|11:08am]
[ mood | weird ]

Head Automatica - Beating Heart Baby

Artist: Head Automatica
Album: Decadence
Title: Beating Heart Baby

(Beating Heart Baby)
Baby is this love for real?
(Beating Heart Baby)
Let me in your arms to feel
(Beating Heart Baby)
The beating of your heart, baby
(Beating Heart Baby)
The beating of you heart, baby

You, you want nothing to do with me [x2]
I, I don't know what to do with you
Cuz you don't know what you do to me

Baby is this love for real?
Let me in your arms to feel


The beating heart baby
The beating of your heart, baby

Girl, you really got your hold on me [x2]
Girl, you gotta get away from me
'Cause you want nothing to do with me

[Chorus (x2)]

In spite of you
Even out of view
Still I love all of you
I do, yeah

You, you want nothing to do with me [x2]

[Chorus (x3)]

Omg best song ever!! i love it<3333


yoooooo!! [09 Jun 2005|01:08pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

hey guys omg i havnt up dated this shyt in a long ass time...well i was trying to at ma cuzins house and i wrote A LOT and then the comp frooz!! i was like NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! lol but whatever..ya sooo im home finally hehehe but ma cuzin is cuming over this weekend..whats today thursday..yaaa it is uhhh this week went by soo freaking fast i rele dont like it!! So its soo shitty out i hate it i wanna go to the pool..beach..i wanna go lay out but i cant because its scary out!! So im in ma house and im like kinda happy because i got ma internet backkk uhh i didnt have it lass night i was soo boreeedddd! But now im not hehe! well im going to go eat i made chickin fingerss yummmmy!! iight people ill tlk to u guys later if i have any thing new to say...i kno ma life is like soo boring but whateverrr!! peace outt<33


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